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What’s My Story?

about-maryI am so grateful for being here and sharing this experience with so many of you. I am so happy you have found this page as I realize we are probably very similar. I am someone who has been through many transitions, ups and downs in life. I am divorced and in my early 40’s. I have two amazing girls that are the inspiration for me to move towards the BEST version of myself. I am in a serious relationship and live in a blended family. I work full time and run my own business. I workout regularly and live a healthy life style. I have been through many hardships to get to where I am today, yet I am so grateful for my experiences as I know they have lead me to live with a purpose and with passion!

I am passionately in love with my partner, Rick. He is a huge part of where I am today. I am amazed by my children and the joy they bring to my heart. I have an amazing family that may not always agree with me but believes in me. My friends are funny, warm, compassionate, and bring me back to a place of playfulness. I love to work so it is nice to have people who remind me that life is about letting go and having a few laughs even if one of my work deadlines is quickly approaching.

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What People are Saying…

Just finished reading the report... our phone conversation was so helpful in understanding all of the information. It is really fascinating! Thank you for the beautiful insights. Your words have really made me feel special and see things in a different light.  The themes you have noted are very familiar, I realize that I have swept many of the natural tendencies mentioned under the rug!  Today was really exciting ;-)  I am so grateful for the time you took to prepare this.
Sue Vannice
Sue Vannice
I have been very interested in The Secret since it appeared.  While I got the concept, I could not figure out how to make it work for me.  I determined along with my therapist, who fired me because I was doing more for her than she for me (in other words I was done) that I had no idea how to live a genuine life.  So I searched and ask and researched and Mary came into my life and I cannot tell you how she has helped me change how I thought of who I was, into becoming who Iam supposed ...
Lance I. Fitzsimmons
Lance I. FitzsimmonsControlOMatic‬
Mary is very intuitive in the work she does. She gives practical, easy to follow advice.. Mary is very personable and easy to work with.‬
Andrea Costantine
Andrea CostantineGroup Facilitator, Motivational/Keynote Speaker
I’ve seen incredible results from working with Mary, she’s an expert in the law of attraction, highly intuitive, and over delivers every time! Mary goes above and beyond for her clients.
Karen Scarf
Karen ScarfConsultant - Digital Strategist - Lead
I’ve experienced Mary’s baseline coaching program and it was excellent. I was amazed at how much Mary was able to uncover about myself and my business. Her insight caused me to look at my business from a whole new perspective. If you are starting a business, a new career, or taking your business in a new direction, I would highly recommend Mary’s baseline program. It can be done over the phone and the return on your investment is totally worth it!